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10 Party Points to help you with your next event

Party Planning is something we all go through at some part of our lives, whether it’s organising your spouse’s surprise party or your child’s dream birthday party it could even just be a party to reunite old friends. Either way there are a few things to consider making sure you’re smiling with all your guests when that day finally arrives.
1. First box you’ll want to tick is the guest list, who is going to attend this event? You don’t want to start a family feud or create an enemy out of one of your friends. Take the time to sit down and write everyone you can think of, you may not get it right first time so you can always add or remove as time goes on. This way if there is an important person you want there, you’ll be able to check your list and make sure they’re included before all your invites go out. As a precaution you can always order a few more invites should you need to send one out urgently before the due day.
2. Avoid confusion by setting a theme for your party right at the start, this way as you go along there may be props you can add, it gives your guests enough time to plan if your theme is something very unique. Even anniversaries and welcome home parties can have a theme attached that gives your event an added level of excitement.
3. The invitations are a pretty important piece of the party and there a few key factors you may want to take note of. When gathering all the information for the invitations you may find out things you haven’t thought about, for example what meals you may be serving or the time you want your guests to arrive. Try and include as much information as possible, it will help with avoiding a hundred people calling you asking a hundred different questions, but it will help your guests feel more comfortable about what’s going on. What to wear, what to eat and how much do you need to order, where, when are kids welcome, you may have and end or closing time you want people to be aware of?
4. There is more information you can add depending on the theme or reason for your party but another important bit of info is the RSVP, make it as easy as possible for your guest to let you know if they will be attending or not or if they will be choosing the chicken, beef or tofu options. Making it easy for your guest to RSVP will hopefully get your more responses helping you in ordering the correct amount of supplies for the party.
5. Then the final part to the invitations is make sure you send them out in time, too late may give you a poor attendance due to full calendars and unable to prepare and too early may cause people to forget and be unable to plan that far in advance.
6. Choosing the right suppliers is vital, there are companies who specialise in providing equipment for events exactly like the one you’re planning, they have the experience to guide you to order exactly what you’ll need and they supply the quality products you want. Try and avoid fly by night suppliers as you never know what will change before your event date and you want to make sure after sales service is on point and you don’t get left out in the rain. Once you have found the party hire services you want to go with make sure you order in plenty of time and ask them if there is anything they think you have forgotten as they may suggest something you didn’t even think of?
7. Your guests are quite important, a kids birthday party will probably have a different time frame from a 40th wedding anniversary. There may be nap time for the kids that could interfere with when you want to blow out the candles or you may need to have a cash bar available for the old timers. The point is you need to keep your guests and their requirements in mind when planning your party.
8. Don’t do it all yourself, be open to some help or let some close friends know you may want to delegate some of the responsibilities. If it’s a big party and there are a few elements to keep it successful some help will almost definitely be required.
9. If you build it they will come, while this is great in theory your party isn’t guaranteed to get started the way you want. Just because you have a dance floor doesn’t mean they will dance so you may have to come up with some creative ways to get everyone jumping. Perhaps a great MC maybe a couple of games to heighten the mood, you may have ordered the best DJ in town, either way just bear in mind that some intervention may be required to get your party started.
10. Lastly don’t forget to capture the moment, you may need a photographer, videographer or have an agreement that some of your guests will submit photos to the Whatsapp group you created just for the party. It’s always good to look back or learn from mistakes or remember some of the good ideas you used to make this event such a hit.

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